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Yoni Steaming 101

News Brief

Yoni Steaming 101

The practice of Yoni steaming dates back thousands of years and can be traced to almost every indigenous culture on Earth. From African, Malaysian, Korean, Scandinavian to Mayan. There are actually cave drawings of it! Yoni steaming in this modern world is a powerful pre or post period hygienic practice, used for postpartum care, and menopausal support. Yoni steaming is also known as Vaginal steaming.

Yoni Steaming benefits have a wide range including cycle regulation, easing cramps, balancing ph, supporting fertility, increasing pleasure, encouraging a gentle detox, aiding women postpartum, reducing stress, and so much more! Traditionally, midwives would teach women to Yoni Steam after birth as a way to heal the mind, body, and spirit postpartum.

There are some very important times NOT to steam. Do not steam if you are currently menstruating or spotting with fresh blood. Do not steam if your periods are less than 20 days apart. Do not steam if pregnant unless directed by a skilled herbalist at the end of pregnancy to induce labor.

The Remedy House offers private sessions and consultations to determine the right herbs and steam plan for you. With three certified Yoni Steam facilitators, we offer vaginal steaming to women of all ages. We can also accommodate up to 3 women for a Sister Steam, and we host Yoni Steam Parties and Community Yoni Steams for a group experience that brings a whole new connective energy to the power of women gathering. For the month of November we are offering 15% off of all our Yoni Steam Sessions with any of our practitioners. Heat up this month with a relaxing Yoni Steam at The Remedy House!

The Remedy House is located at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids. To schedule go to TheRemedyHouse.org or call 616-443-4225.

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