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Wellness Travel & Yoga!

from the publisher

Wellness Travel & Yoga!

Pam Gallina | Publisher

Looking back at inspiring travel, I turn to a 2009 trip with a group of 12 women, who set out to hike the Andes of Peru. And when I think of this time, one slice of the trip that was particularly memorable was practicing yoga while on Machu Pichu. Really, no matter where we were, we practiced yoga and meditation each morning.  The trip was transformational, and the practice reinforced how we could live our best lives upon returning home. 

Fit Body “Yoga on Vacation,” Simple Poses and Tips for Travelers by Carrie Jackson. Travel can broaden our perspective of the world and take us on breathtaking adventures. These new experiences, however, often come with unexpected mental and physical challenges, stresses and anxieties. By incorporating yoga into the itinerary, we can cultivate a sense of peace, allowing us to show up as our best selves. From asanas after long hours of sitting to breathing exercises while waiting for a flight, yogic techniques can open the body and mind, letting us enjoy both the journey and destination.  

Inspiration “Embrace the Winding Road,” by Marlaina Donato. Breaking our own rules can gift us with a brand of freedom that we’ve only imagined. Seasoned travelers and weekend adventurers might agree that setting aside plans and maps invites unforeseen magic. Ordering something we cannot pronounce on the menu, turning left instead of right or revisiting an old dream might be a wonderful decision. 

Conscious Eating “Savor the Present Moment,” How to Add Mindfulness to Mealtime by Veronica Hinke. Mindful eating—the practice of slowing down, appreciating the present moment and becoming consciously aware of the ingredients, flavors, aromas and textures that we consume—can be a worthwhile meditative endeavor. Mindfulness can begin before we even sit at the dining room table, when we take the time to think deeply about what we are preparing. Calm focus can even help us when shopping for ingredients at the farmers market or grocery store.

I believe that mindful eating is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. It’s also a form of nurturing. When we cook with love and intention, serve on a thoughtfully set table, and eat savoring the flavors and nutrition, our digestion is enhanced, and we tend to take in only what we need and leave the rest.  

Think about ways that you can slow down and integrate mindfulness into each part of your daily life to bring about peace and a more joyful existence. 

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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