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Updates from Momma’s Home

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Updates from Momma’s Home

Momma's Home

Momma’s Home has added some new products to the extensive line of body and skin care already in stock.

A limited edition summer special is Sunny Summer Citrus Soap Bar, which contains oils from seven citrus fruits and leaves skin clean, hydrated and smelling sweet and delicious. There are discounts. Discounts are available for Buy 1 “naked” bars (without packaging), or when purchasing five or more of the same bar.

Salt Scrubs, using a combination of ultra-fine Dead Sea salt, fine Epsom salt and dendritic salt have also been added to the line. These scrubs help get rid of dry, flaky skin with natural exfoliation of the salts and soothing oils simply by massaging into the skin and then rinsing.
And Flash Blast is a new all-natural relief for hot flashes. In a convenient roll-on applicator, it can be applied directly to the pulse points to cool down.

Another fun new thing is that Momma’s Home founder and chemist Amy Furman is writing monthly about the chemistry behind a different “scary-sounding” ingredient found in Momma’s Home products. Recently, she explained the preservative, phenoxyethanol, which is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals and can be safely used in formulations to meet environmental concerns and government regulations.

“As part of my ‘nothing unneeded’ credo, only a few Momma’s Home products are made with water. But when products require water, it creates an incredibly hospitable breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi. And I’m reasonably sure you don’t want to rub those on your skin! Phenoxyethanol fights bacteria by preventing them from growing,” says Furman.

For more information and ordering go to MommasHome.com

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