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Transformation for Health & Healing

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Transformation for Health & Healing

Especially during these negatively charged times, use and Practice of CCG—Clearing, Centering and Grounding are so important to maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health. Jewel will help you to understand and create a simple practice for daily use of all three techniques. Join us for this transformative class so you can truly feel better and blessed!
Jewel Shelden is a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master, spiritual counselor and ordained minister. She comes to us from Hastings where she maintains an outdoor labyrinth that is open to all walkers.

The Lakeview Healing Center will host this healing event on Saturday June 5th from 2pm-4:30pm. Cost is $55 per person. Reserve your space. Wear comfortable clothing.
In addition, the Lakeview Summerfest will be held later in the month on Saturday, June 19th where the Healing Center will be featuring foot detoxes, CranioSacral Sessions, and Card Readings.

The Healing Center is located at 332 S Lincoln, Lakeview (North of Grand Rapids). For more information and reservations, visit THCofLakeview.com or call 989-352-6500.

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