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Traditional World Medicine!

from the publisher

Traditional World Medicine!

Pam Gallina | Publisher

When I first acquired the magazine, nearly eight years ago, I thought I was living a naturally healthy lifestyle, but would soon find out just how much more there was to learn.  It’s been fun & interesting learning about the various modalities as well getting to know the practitioners working within each framework. Most people in our field are patient, kind and ready to take time explaining their methodology.  You will never feel awkward asking questions, just relax and let the learning begin. 

Our October feature, “Traditional World Healing Wisdom – Lost Practices Get New Respect,” by Carrie Jackson. With time-tested wisdom and natural roots, traditional and Indigenous medicine has been an integral resource for centuries in communities around the world. According to the World Health Organization, 88 percent of all countries are estimated to use traditional medicine, such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, and shamanism. The contribution of these practices is increasingly being recognized by Western medicine, especially in collaboration with integrative, holistic, and regenerative medicine. The pandemic prompted renewed interest in traditional treatments and incorporating them into wellness and healing modalities is easier and more valuable than ever. 

Healing Ways, “The Healing Arts of Qigong and Tai Chi – Well-Being Through Intentional Movements,” by Nadia Linda Hole, M.D. Qigong is a moving, meditative practice aimed at harmonizing internal energies, and is related to tai chi, which originated as a martial art. The practice of qigong involves breath work, movement, mindfulness and stretching. It is performed with intention, yet emptiness (“wuji”), enabling practitioners to cultivate a stronger, deeper mind-body-spirit connection that allows for heightened stillness, clarity, vitality, awareness, and sense of self. It has been clinically documented to alleviate stress, enhance energy levels, improve physical fitness, and promote cardiopulmonary and immune function. 

Conscious Eating, “The Modern Macrobiotic Diet – More Than Tofu and Seaweed,” by Veronica Hinke. So much has evolved in the 100 years since Japanese educator George Ohsawa created the macrobiotic diet. For one thing, the recipes have become more flexible, empowering people to save time and use ingredients that they love. Eating in accordance with the natural order—with the seasons—is an essential concept of the macrobiotic diet and includes fall, winter, spring, summer and a fifth season, “late harvest.” The idea is to follow our intuition.

This is how I eat all the time.  I didn’t know it was called macrobiotic until recently. I call it anti-inflammatory and have been following this regimen for about 10 months. I feel so much better, and my aging joints thank me every day for it! 

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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