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The Story in our Blood

News Brief

The Story in our Blood

Our blood can tell us many things about the inner workings of our bodies. By placing a drop of blood under a microscope, it is possible to determine the health of red blood cells, and visibly see what else is floating around in our blood. Live Blood Analysis at The Remedy House, with our naturopath Jodi Jenks, ND, takes a close look at your blood, with cameras attached to the microscope allowing you to look on. Jenks assesses the vitality of the red blood cells (Are they round or misshapen? Are they sticking together or free floating?). Jody then identifies the story of your health including proper water intake and nutrition, efficient absorption of minerals or not, adequate amounts of iron, as well as the quality of your red blood cells. Live Blood Analysis can also reveal if you have leaky gut or parasites, and this can be a huge indicator regarding which direction to take in your health journey. 

A Natural Health Consultation with Jodi Jenks, using the results from the Live Blood Analysis, along with skilled muscle testing, gives you the information you need to set up your health for success by understanding what is happening in your body right now and then prioritizing the steps forward.

Interested in the health of your blood? Schedule an appointment with Jodi Jenks ND at our February special rate of $199 for first time appointments and $99 for follow-ups. See the health of your blood for yourself on the live screen that allows you to witness your blood in real time. 

The Remedy House is located at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids. For more information or to schedule go to TheRemedyHouse.org/Jodi-Jenks-ND or call 616-443-4225. See ad page 3.

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