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The Remedy House Welcomes Donna Balczak

News Brief

The Remedy House Welcomes Donna Balczak

We are excited to welcome the next newest member of our team of practitioners, Donna Balczak! She is offering a powerful new service, reaching both physical & emotional ailments in the body, known as Myofascial Release Technique

This is a method that involves continuous, gentle touch and manipulation of the body’s fascia, or connective tissue. MFR is an excellent modality if you suffer from physical pain or restriction, have tried other pain management methods with little success or are working to release stored trauma or emotions. 

Donna’s specialties include the release of deeply held physical and energetic blockages in the fascia, assisting those who suffer from, or who have been affected by, addiction in any form and intuiting her way through a session. As a Certified Natural Health Therapist, Donna is passionate about meeting the client where they are and using her skills to assist in their healing journey. She does this by assessing the blockages within the body during an amazing bodywork session using relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques, once isolated and dialed in, she uses her MFR skills with gentle hands to release the stored tension in the tissue of the body.  

Please help us welcome Donna Balczak by scheduling a session with her at our website TheRemedyHouse.org/bodywork/#myofascialrelease  or call the store 616-443-4225.

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