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The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education

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The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education


Weekend Courses to Four-Year Diplomas

By Julie Peterson

In Mount Pleasant, the field of natural health has been explored by curious students for 25 years. Some just want to learn new things and others are seeking a career path. Either way, The Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education (NITE) offers people tools to learn, transform and pursue their passions.

“Our students range in age from 17 to 72 and come from all walks of life. They are starting first-time careers, starting new careers or taking their new knowledge and skill sets and incorporating them into what they may already be doing,” says Julie Wagester, VP of Operations at NITE.

NITE’s weekend courses in massage therapy, doula training and natural health can be taken individually or as part of a diploma program. For those who are seeking a career as a natural health practitioner, holistic doula or massage therapist, NITE has programs taught by highly-qualified faculty. But there is more than a standard education. Programs are designed to help students achieve full potential both personally and professionally. Leaders at NITE wholly believe that graduating from the Institute is the start of great things to come.

One of the ways that NITE helps students achieve excellence is through an approach that appeals to all styles of learning. “Our classroom instruction touches on the top four of the seven learning styles: Visual, Verbal, Auditory and Kinesthetic,” says Wagester.

Naturopathic classes at NITE offer students valuable knowledge that will improve their lives in a meaningful way. Natural health techniques and practices are taught to students, as well as how to take control of their lives through natural, healthy living. In this way, NITE isn’t just a school, it’s a community of people dedicated to naturopathic study and to each other.

Most graduates experience tremendous personal growth, learn the art of compassion and are then able to provide hope for the great number of people who will seek them out because of their balanced approach to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

“Our expectation at the Institute is to have the students achieve the highest standard of excellence in the field of natural health. We provide excellent instructors, bringing much more real-life, current issues and experiences to the classroom. The student will gain all the tools, skill sets, and natural health applications that have been used for hundreds of years yet are timely in today’s world,” says Wagester.

Students can choose the Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program, which makes them eligible to be a licensed massage therapist after one year. Those going through the Holistic Labor Companion program will learn to support the mother through the pregnancy, birth and early infancy phases. This program is unique from other doula programs because it includes training in multiple natural health methods and therapies, such as nutrition, muscle testing, homeopathy and essential oils. The Naturopathy program offers four years of training and at the completion of each year, a new credential is awarded. Students who complete the four-year program receive the Certified Naturopath diploma and can take the American Naturopathic Medical Association National Exam to receive the title Naturopathic Doctor.

Everyone is welcome to visit the campus and learn more about the educational programs and estimated costs of an education at NITE.

“We maintain attainable, sustainable growth, recruiting men and women who have a passion for learning while finding us to be valuable and affordable. We want our students to belong to a community of like-minded people, explore their path to a new career and become the best they can be,” says Wagester.

For more information go to NaturopathicInstitute.info, call 989-773-1714 or Contact@NaturopathicInstitute.info. See ad page 6.

Julie Peterson writes about health and environmental issues. Contact her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.


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