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The ION Test: Individual Optimal Nutrition

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The ION Test: Individual Optimal Nutrition

The Gleason Center

The American diet is deficient in many necessary nutrients required for optimal health and longevity. Food is grown in ways that diminish its nutrient content and it is packaged and shipped in ways that further degrade nutrition. Processing removes many essential nutrients and often adds toxic additives and preservatives.

“It is nearly impossible to get everything that’s needed in the diet, so supplementation is required for optimal health,” says Dr. Dan Gleason DC, owner of The Gleason Center. “Everyone has an individual biochemical makeup. Testing is the only way to determine each person’s idiosyncrasies and which nutritional supplements will promote optimal health and help prevent disease.”

Functional and holistic practitioners test patients to determine their needs. The Gleason Center tests patients using the Individual Optimal Nutrition (ION) test. Some deficiencies are found to be common to most people, even though everyone has unique nutrient needs.

“We commonly find what we call the Fab Five deficiencies. If someone can’t do the ION test, we recommend the Fab Five supplements for them: Vitamin D3, high-quality fish oil, magnesium, a high-quality multivitamin and a probiotic,” says Gleason.

The ION test results measure far more than the fab five and provide thorough results on amino acids (the building blocks that proteins are made of), nutrient minerals, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, CoQ10 and antioxidants), dietary fats (omega 3/6/9, mono/saturated/ trans), fat metabolism, carb metabolism, mitochondrial function, B vitamin levels, neurotransmitters (adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin), liver detoxification pathways and gasses given off by bad bugs in the small intestine (such as candida albicans).

The ION test is performed by Genova Diagnostics, in Ashville, North Carolina, and test kits can be ordered online. “For best results, I recommend consultation with an experienced practitioner to help with the interpretation and implementation of the findings. To get an even more comprehensive evaluation, findings of this test can be combined with the results of conventional lab tests, as well as other functional tests including comprehensive stool testing for GI function, food allergy testing, and hormone testing,” says Gleason.

The Gleason Center, 19084 North Fruitport Rd, Spring Lake. TheGleasonCenter.com. 515-846-5410.

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