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The Healing Power of Our Superconsciousness

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The Healing Power of Our Superconsciousness

Wise Words from Mark Mincolla

by Sandra Yeyati

For 40 years, nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., has integrated ancient Chinese energy healing techniques with emerging nutritional science in what he calls Electromagnetic Muscle Testing, an approach that zeros in on each individual’s unique dietary needs. He has authored seven books, including The Wu Way, The Tao of Ch’i and Whole Health. In his most recent work, The Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Superconsciousness—and an accompanying documentary film of the same title—he shares his experiences, documented research and exercises to cultivate our natural ability to heal and create miracles.

How do you define consciousness?
Consciousness is the essence of presence. What we think is empty space in the universe is actually filled with consciousness. While we understand the presence of our physical stuff and our ego, we have a harder time understanding our reductionistic self, the stuff that is reduced to the essence of energy. That’s what the soulful being of our consciousness is.

How do you define superconsciousness, and how does it help us experience healing and create miracles?
It’s a trance state we can attain if we go deep within ourselves through meditation into the delta frequencies, and then visualize that we’re blending that higher realm of consciousness into the universe like a raindrop entering the ocean. By doing this, you arrive at the place where miracles exist. There’s nothing to create. It’s like being in a field of fruit. The abundance is there, you just have to go where the abundance is.

How can we develop and tap into our superconsciousness?
My book has exercises at the end of each chapter. One of my favorites is looking into the pupils of your eyes in the mirror for 10 minutes straight, uninterrupted. In doing that, you will feel the essence of your presence. That is your superconsciousness.

Do we cause our own illnesses?
I think we play a role in that process. Many people are cultivating ease and healing themselves. A lot of people are unconsciously cultivating “dis-ease”. Your choices are to be consciously proactive, which is healing, or unconsciously reactive, which is disease-producing. There are two possibilities related to the energy of consciousness: flow or resistance. When we’re in resistance, we can spend so much time in negative, reactive situations. The more negatively reactive we are, the less flow and the more resistance we encounter and produce. The more consciousness that we proactively cultivate through deeper, more intentional meditation, the higher the consciousness we internalize and manifest. It boils down to what you’re doing. Are you spending your time producing illness or producing wellness?

How did you cure yourself from Lyme disease?
It started the night I had a bad fall and was paralyzed on the bathroom floor for 14 hours. My spirit became really challenged and really elevated and engaged. It was time to take inventory and to confront myself about my quality of life. During that horrible process, that trauma, I made an unconditional commitment to write this book, make this film and do whatever I had to do to get my messages out there, which is the reason I was put on this planet. From there, I tapped into natural medicines and foods to help me recover. I’ve helped 60,000 people over the last 40 years, so I can help myself, you know? And I did.

What should more people realize about themselves?
That they have far greater power and far greater access to remarkable outcomes than they are aware of. You’re born in this culture, automatically surrendering to the establishment. You surrender to the medical and pharmaceutical establishments. As a little kid, you get a sore throat, and your mom takes you to the doctor for antibiotics. There’s a lot of doctoring and not enough healing in the world. As I say in the film, compassion is the key. My patients come to me and they’re really heartbroken, sick and broken down, diseased. They’ve been so bottled up—so much depression, so much pain, so much suffering. The doctor makes it worse—doesn’t help anything. So I feel like we’re working at a very different, compassionate level for the patient to be whole, soulful, spiritual, emotionally tapped in. We strive to be concerned, to be loved and to both diagnose and treat at a high frequency.

Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer and editor. Reach her at SandraYeyati@gmail.com.

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