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The Deception of “Natural” on the Label

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The Deception of “Natural” on the Label

Momma's Home

Skin care and body care products labeled “all natural” are not necessarily so. It’s important that consumers seeking truly natural products read the ingredients listed on a product. (If there is no ingredient list, buyer beware.)

“If there are ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s probably not natural even the label says it is,” advises Amy Furman, the chemist and founder behind Momma’s Home where the challenge of making all-natural products has been met.

Some ingredients can confuse people – especially when the label is trying to pass a product off as natural. Things such as mineral oil, fragrance oils, most dyes and anything with sparkles is just simply not natural.

It’s not easy to make all-natural products. They often have a shorter shelf life, come in limited choices of colors and scents and definitely don’t sparkle! But by limiting ingredients in products to ingredients from nature it lessens the impact on the environment and is better for the skin – especially for people with sensitive skin. In addition, it’s easier to ensure that natural products are sustainably and locally sourced, further limiting harmful effects on the environment.

For more information on natural skincare and products, contact Momma’s Home at 616-951-1397, email momma@mommashome.com or see MommasHome.com. See ad page 28.

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