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Taking Out the Trash Creates Space for Healing

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Taking Out the Trash Creates Space for Healing

Rebecca Stephens | LifeForce Energetics

by Julie Peterson

At Life Force Energetics, owner Rebecca Stephens has a mission to heal people by helping them find a new relationship with their bodies. A healer her entire life, Stephens has been holding private sessions and teaching classes at Life Force Energetics since 2015, using energetic healing methods to transform lives away from pain, trauma, illness and dis-ease. “I’m very genuine and authentic because there’s nothing anyone can say or tell me that they’ve been through that I can’t empathize with. I’m an intuitive, and an extreme empath. I can feel other people’s pain in my body,” says Stephens.

Her empathic way led her to become certified in modalities such as Access Bars and Energetic Manual Therapy. She’s also a licensed facilitator and life coach, certified aromatherapist and CBD consultant. Through these modalities and her understanding of people as energetic beings, Stephens helps people recover from insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, migraines, weight management issues and more.

Access Bars is one of the most requested modalities at Life Force Energetics. A session involves chatting with Stephens for a few minutes about goals and then resting comfortably on a massage table for the simple, noninvasive, energy process. Stephens lightly touches points on the head, running energy through those points with intention, leaving the recipient refreshed, relaxed and with a sense of peace and an open space where it’s easier to have awareness.

“I touch 32 points on your head that connect to where the electromagnetic components of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, points of views, judgments and beliefs are stored. These Bars connect to the areas of the brain for joy, sadness, healing, body, aging, control, money and more. The purpose of a session is to clear your mind of the chatter, to release old patterns of belief that may not be serving you and to allow for there to be quieted space,” says Stephens.

The brain is like a computer, storing files for everything a person has learned, experienced and felt. The body functions based on this past information that the brain has received, and the thinking mind can only work from the information it has already downloaded from these files. “If you have files that no longer serve you, the bars help to empty out the garbage and create space for new information to come through, for new awareness to come in, so you aren’t being affected so much by what has been given to you in the past,” says Stephens.

Taking out the trash, or clearing the things that no longer serve, is key to heal from addiction, change harmful habits such as overeating or to alter the perception of the self in positive ways. It’s in large part a process of regaining power. Throughout life, people tend to give power away to others as doctors, spouses, parents, kids or others in life offer opinions, advice and express their beliefs and needs. These are stored in the subconscious. These beliefs and judgments are acted upon even though they didn’t originate from the self. It happens to the extent that many people cannot figure out who they are or what they need or want. Once the thoughts, feelings, judgments and points of view of others stored in the brain or body are eliminated, power is regained.

“After one session, you will notice something shift or something different. You start to have a different relationship with your body and begin to communicate with your body on a more energetic and cellular level,” says Stephens. “If you’ve tried everything else and it just hasn’t worked, this is a good option for you.”

In March 2020, Life Force Energetics is offering 30 Percent Off a First Time Access Bars session.

Contact Rebecca Stephens at rebecca@lfenergetics.com to take advantage of the March special. Life Force Energetics, 30 Chicago Dr, Holland (located inside Simio Health & Wellness Building). 616.510.6525. LFEnergetics.com. See ads pages 6 & 12.

Julie Peterson has contributed to Natural Awakenings for more than a decade. Contact her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com

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