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Sound Healing at The Remedy House

News Brief

Sound Healing at The Remedy House

If you’re feeling out of balance, chaotic, or disharmonious right now, you’re certainly not alone. Ebbing and flowing in and out of balance is a natural phenomenon, but how do we get back in balance after falling out of balance? Sound is an incredible tool to use to find your way back to an alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Sound is all around us, by nature all of life is making sound. Sound therapies can use different tones, rhythms, and melodies to move a person through disharmony and back into a harmonious state of being.

How is sound healing scientific? Our bodies have an electromagnetic field, which is generated by the pulse of our heart. When our body (or heart) gets out of rhythm, our electromagnetic field goes out of balance. Sound therapy brings harmony back to the body. It can feel like a massage for your nervous system without the use of touch!

Sound Healing is like a journey, where a wide variety of instruments will be used to intuitively bring balance back to your body (Your facilitator may use many different instruments such as gongs, drums, tuning forks, hand pans, chimes). It might be described as a more melodious, intense, and immersive therapy experience.

A Group Sound Healing Journey will be held on July 15th. For this experience, The Remedy House is partnering with the yoga studio, Live Unprocessed, for an immersive 75 min stress reducing session, allowing you to unwind and transport yourself into the sacred sounds of the Tibetan bowls, bells and tingsha, charka crystal singing bowls, gongs: 32 Paiste symphonic, 24’ subatomic and16 inch wind, tongue drums, buffalo drums, chimes, voice, and more. All while feeling the therapeutic and balancing effects of the sound immersion. More details in the class calendar.

The Remedy House is located at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids. There are two Sound Facilitators, Megan Lendman & Mary Fields. To schedule go to TheRemedyHouse.org or call 616-443-4225.

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