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September 2019 | Living and Aging Gracefully

from the publisher

September 2019 | Living and Aging Gracefully

Pam Gallina | Publisher

As we breeze into fall, vitality is the watchword for recharging batteries. Writer Marlaina Donato offers a comprehensive guide to ward off inflammation and premature cell death in “Age-Defying Bodywork: How to Turn Back the Clock.” She explains that fortifying the nervous system through massage, acupuncture and reflexology is critical to combating age-accelerating stress hormones like cortisol—and has been embraced by the medical mainstream.
I can attest that bodywork helps. Many of you have seen me out on magazine deliveries; which is a lot of stress on the left side of my 65-year-old body—in and out of the car for hours. A monthly massage and chiropractic tune ups keep me aligned so that I’m not out of whack when I hop on my paddleboard or want to go for a motorcycle ride.
To celebrate National Yoga Month, read Donato’s take on “The Power of Yoga: Tapping Into the Life Force.” Another potent stressbuster, yoga’s contribution to mind-body fitness is proving to be a reliable defense against age-related loss of mobility, cardiovascular disease and depression.
When I do yoga stretches daily, I feel better and have increased overall balance. Getting in and out and up and down is easier, my posture is better and muscle strains are kept at bay. Aging gracefully is the goal, keeping my body active and agile is my motivation and the rest is a bonus.
The mind-body connection is also at the forefront of writer April Thompson’s “Ayurvedic Cooking: Ancient System Restores Balance.” Learn how, in one of the world’s oldest systems, food is medicine; the menu is seasonal and local, and timing and preparation are critical to rebalancing health.
In May, I was fortunate enough to attend a group retreat at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. A lot of time was spent learning Ayurvedic methods of healing and reconnecting mind, body and spirit. I try to continue this practice daily because, when I do, I feel better able to maintain clarity and balance when life is hectic.
The health of the planet and its inhabitants is at the core of writer Yvette Hammett’s article “The Re-Use Revolution: Plastics Peril Drives New Strategies.” The growing plastics crisis has some people yearning for the days when soft drinks and beer all came in reusable containers that required a deposit, or when milk and cream was delivered to the front porch in quaint, glass bottles. Read about how some states, municipalities and private companies are taking us back to the future in innovative ways.
I have reusable water bottles and take my own shopping bags to the store. It’s partly to decrease the demand for plastic, but it’s also easier than dealing with all that extra waste, even if it’s recyclable.
With kids back in school, parents will find insights from Ronica O’Hara to help with managing “Digital Kids: How to Click With Young Techies.” Kids and adults may all benefit from this month’s pet department where writer Julie Peterson offers alternatives to rehoming the family dog or cat in “Pet Peeve: Natural Remedies for Allergies to Furry Friends.”
Onward to September!

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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