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Self-Care and Healing Available to Everyone

News Brief

Self-Care and Healing Available to Everyone

The Healing Center in Lakeview introduces a revolutionary new treatment device called iTeraCare. The portable device is available for purchase and can be used at home by anyone for a variety of healing purposes and through several healing protocols for results that have been shown effective through many testimonials.

The iTeraCare wand uses targeted frequencies that resonate at the same frequency as healthy, human cells. These waves in the terahertz range penetrate the body with no discomfort, irritation or side effects and can help with several disorders.
“Varicose veins can be treated daily for three weeks for visible improvement as can the brown sun damage commonly known as “liver spots” on the skin,” says Bob Huttinga, former owner of The Healing Center. “Additionally, after weight loss, treatment with iTeraCare can firm and tone sagging skin.”

Additionally, many people apply the iTeraCare energy to water before drinking, which is said to provide increased alertness, strengthen the immune system, reduce toxins, increase cellular oxygenation and other benefits.

Free iTeraCare healing sessions are available as well as recorded videos on the TeraHertz Wand Masters Facebook group.
Call Barb at 231-598-3033 to set up a demonstration or text Bob at 989-287-1986 to join the Facebook group. The Healing Center, 332 S. Lincoln, Lakeview. 989-352-6500.

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