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Regenerative Medicine Comes of Age

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Regenerative Medicine Comes of Age

Regenerative medicine develops methods to repair damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues. The field is growing day by day as more and more patients are looking for natural forms of treatment. Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky, M.D., DO, owner of American Regenerative Clinic, in Bingham Farms, says, “Our aging population gets sicker and dissatisfied with conventional medicine, which is basically ruled by Big Pharma and insurance companies. The most successful branches of regenerative medicine are cell therapy and ozone therapy. They complement each other, can be used locally or systemically and are proven worldwide to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. The treatment is minimally invasive and it strengthens weakened areas of the body.”

Born in Ukraine, Lutskovsky, with many years of successful experience in prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem cell therapy, helps patients with a variety of injuries and diseases. He cites two books, Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy, by Frank Shallenberger, M.D., and The Stem Cell Revolution, by Elliott Lander, M.D. and Mark Berman, M.D., as important influences.

He explains, “Regenerative therapy is a natural way to treat chronic illnesses and diseases. It leads to healthy hair and nails, firm and radiant skin, improved energy levels and deeper, more restful sleep. Our procedures work great as major detox tool, comparable to EDTA and other IV protocols. Besides, it doesn’t deplete body of important electrolytes and other micronutrients.”

He advises that ozone is more effective and often cheaper then dozens of supplements because it goes directly into the bloodstream, avoiding digesting and liver metabolism. It stimulates production of new stem cells and activates those existing. It kills all germs, rebuilds mitochondria as an energy source and kills cancer cells, especially loose ones traveling inside blood vessels. “Because most patients cannot find appropriate treatment for their needs in a regular doctor’s office, alternative options are growing like mushrooms after a rain,” says Lutskovsky. “Thanks to a failing healthcare system, regenerative medicine is simply the most advanced and promising field. It is the medicine of the future.”

High-dose ozone and cell therapy provide many natural benefits to the body. Ozone therapy will improve the intake of oxygen, giving the immune system a boost in repairing the diseased cells. With improved immune functionality, the body will heal and repair itself more efficiently. “Stem cells and growth factors directly heal damaged tissue by replacing it, notes Lutskovsky. “There are dozens of direct and indirect benefits which we observe every day in our patients. Some of them are reduced swelling, pain and inflammation, improved circulation, accelerated healing, improved mobility and quality of life. Our high-dose ozone treatment is much more efficient than others simply because our equipment and expertise is better. We use the best ozone generators and are trained by world-famous experts in the field of regenerative medicine.”

American Regenerative Clinic is unique due to their variety of services. In addition to an exclusive 10-pass ozone therapy and stem cell combo, they offer a functional medicine approach, modern diagnostic tools and holistic skin care. Lutskovsky says, “It is not injection clinic, where patients looking for ‘magic shots’. It also provides a homey atmosphere, way different from what folks used to seeing. We plan to continue to educate our patients individually and through social media and seminars.”

For more information visit AmericanRegen.com. This procedure is now available at Elina Organics, 4205 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo. For more information call 269-384-9080 or visit online at ElinaOrganics.com.

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