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Re-Ignite Your Purpose Retreat for Women

News Brief

Re-Ignite Your Purpose Retreat for Women

What if you could back up your new year’s resolution with a clear sense of purpose and live your life accordingly? Research increasingly suggests that purpose is important for a meaningful life, but also for a healthy life. “Having purpose, writes physician and researcher Dhruv Khullar, is linked to a number of positive health outcomes, including better sleep, fewer strokes and heart attacks, and lower risk of dementia, disability and premature death.” If that wasn’t enough, having a clear sense of one’s purpose gives you meaning, helps you make conscious decisions that feel good, lowers your stress levels, and helps you enjoy the ride despite the occasional bumps on your life’s journey.

Exploring existential questions such as “What made us who we are today;” “What do our loved ones see as our superpowers;” “What advice would your end-of-life self give to your current self;” and guiding you through the process to clarify your purpose, is at the heart of the Re-Ignite Your Purpose Retreat. Two professional life coaches will give you the opportunity to step away from your busy routine and take time to just focus on yourself. You will be guided in a personal reflection that will help realign your life around more fulfillment and meaning. We invite you to breathe, ground yourself with yoga and reconnect to who you really are, figure out what your higher purpose is and how you want to live it.

The Re-Ignite Your Purpose Retreat for Women will take place Feb. 23-26, 2023, at the Gilchrist Retreat Center in Three Rivers, Michigan. For more information and signing up for one of the 10 spots, go to https://fetzer.org/work/calendar/re-ignite-your-purpose or contact the organizers at susannewerblowschmitt@gmail.com.

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