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Rackham Chiropractic Plus:

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Rackham Chiropractic Plus:

A Complete Alternative Healthcare Clinic

By Julie Peterson

Rackham Chiropractic Plus of Greenville is known for providing affordable alternative healthcare that allows patients to achieve health and wellness free of drugs and free of pain.

Dr. Aaron Rackham, D.C., C.H.T., Dr. Serge Hurtubise, D.C., and the variety of other practitioners and healers associated with Chiropractic Plus not only provide excellent chiropractic care, they go above and beyond chiropractic with treatments for the whole person by assessing a patient’s condition and creating a custom program to meet specific needs.

Rackham, for example, specializes in relief of headache pain with a unique adjusting technique he developed. He is also a certified hypnotherapist. Through hypnotherapy sessions, Rackham often helps people with smoking cessation and a variety of fears. Hurtubise specializes in sports medicine and problems with the joints in the extremities.

Chiropractic Plus has an entire menu of services available to help everybody and every body, including health coaching, weight loss assistance, functional medicine services and more.

Kim is the massage therapist at Chiropractic Plus and is also trained in performing the hydrocolonic therapy, which is excellent for detoxifying the body, especially for people who are taking multiple medications that may cause a sluggish system. “When somebody has a sluggish system, you feel miserable. In 45 minutes, you can go from feeling miserable, completely bound up, to wanting to do the two-step,” says Rackham, noting that the procedure is very gentle and discreet.

On Tuesdays, Tao He provides acupuncture services. Through advanced training and experience, Tao He is “the real deal,” according to Rackham. There is also a Zen room where Denise offers Level II Reiki in the evenings, which Rackham describes as “a massage for the soul.”

Chiropractic Plus also offers effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy, a condition that can cause tingling, numbness or pain in extremities. While it’s not curable with medication, treatments at Rackham have been shown to diminish pain, restore nerve endings and improve circulation. The effective treatment protocol developed by Rackham includes using a medical device called the rebuilder, infrared diode light therapy, vibration therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy. In combination, the treatment protocol is unique to Chiropractic Plus and is changing outcomes for many people with neuropathy caused by diabetes or other causes. “We have the most powerful and most effective PEMF machine available,” says Rackham.

Another popular alternative treatment offered at Chiropractic plus is spinal decompression. Done on the cervical or lumbar region, spinal decompression can be an alternative to surgery or other invasive treatments for disc problems. “It’s a process of tractioning intermittently, a 15-second pull and a 15-second release. It opens up those discs and causes a negative discal pressure,” Rackham says. The treatment concludes with laser therapy, which induces healing.

“Our normal movement gives our discs their nutrition and a series of decompression is like a week’s worth of activity, getting motion in there you wouldn’t normally get,” says Rackham.

This month, the first spinal decompression or neuropathy program visit is no expense. People can try it to see if it’s something they want to continue with.

“We like being busy and we just want to help people as much as possible,” says Rackham.

Rackham Chiropractic Plus, 9396 SW Greenville Rd, Greenville. 616-754-7717. TheGreenvilleChiropractor.com. See ad page 6.

Julie Peterson writes about health and environmental issues. Contact her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.

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