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Oral Health & Breathwork for a Heart Healthy Lifestyle!

from the publisher

Oral Health & Breathwork for a Heart Healthy Lifestyle!

My morning ritual includes flossing, tongue scraping and swishing, all practices I learned at the Chopra Institute and have kept up over the years.  What has been intuitive for centuries returns to the front page and so much more regarding the importance of oral health and its effect on chronic illness. 

Our feature this month “Oral Health Tips to Prevent Heart Disease,” looks at new research tying oral health to heart health—best practices and innovative treatments. Reviews gut-heart connection, how gut bacteria can affect oral health, gut flora, diet, etc.

The Healing Ways article titled “Mindful Breathwork,” finds breathing techniques support heart health, the vagus nerve, and activities for vagal toning. Interviews with the Chopra Foundations, Dr Meena Malhotra, MD and Sandy Abrahms offer credence for the practice.

In our Conscious Eating section “Plant-Based Milk Alternatives,” are the focus. Non-dairy, plant-based milk alternatives – from a variety of options to market trends, nutrition, pros and cons, and tips for using and recipes we love. Interviews include Elysabeth Alfano, nutrition expert and more.

The type of milk we use in our smoothie is as personal and varied as our reasons for drinking said smoothie. I have many of my own, but one good one is that it’s a great place to throw a few extra greens! 

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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