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Nineteenth Anniversary

News Brief

Nineteenth Anniversary

The EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing will begin its 19th year this May 8th in Lowell, Michigan. Founded in 2004 in Kalamazoo, the school has gone through several transitions. “We began as a two-year school and graduated our first class in 2006”. says Founder, President, and Developer of the EnergyTouch modality, Tricia Eldridge. At that time classwork and teachings were distributed to students in 3-ring binders. Since then, the teachings have grown and evolved to include teachings on targeted illnesses, diseases and injuries and are included in hardcover textbooks for what is now a three-year program of study. EnergyTouch takes the ancient concepts of energy healing and blends them with modern scientific understandings of disease and illness to create a complementary modality that can work in harmony with Western Medicine. In the past nineteen years EnergyTouch students have come with diverse backgrounds including doctors and nurses, energy workers, artists, musicians, athletes, and even a steelworker. The school currently holds First, Second, and Third-Year classes four weeks per year in the months of May, July, September, and November in Lowell.

For more information and to learn about prerequisite classes visit: EnergyTouchSchool.com or phone 616-233-3001.
EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing is located in Lowell. Information can be found at EnergyTouchSchool.com, by email at info@EnergyTouchSchool.com or phone 616-233-3001.

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