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News Briefs

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News Briefs

Healy: A Microcurrent Energy Frequency Device for Individuals and Practitioners

Life Force EnergeticsMicrocurrent energy frequencies have been around for years. The body is a semi-conductor. Microcurrent is supportive because it triggers impulses to facilitate a chemical reaction to activate the release of ATP, which is a high energy molecule that’s created in the mitochondria of each cell.

“Microcurrent has been found to increase the rate of ATP production by 500 percent,” says Rebecca Stephens, owner of Life Force Energetics. “Just by using microcurrent alone without particular frequencies you’re giving your cells the ability to create more energy.”

The effects of microcurrent on the body has been studied and was written about by Dr. Erin Fleck in The Physiological Effects of Microcurrents: “The body has a continual flow of resonating electrical impulses that transmit signals through tissues utilizing electrons, chemicals, and electromagnetic bonds. Every cell, tissue and organ has its own specific frequency that synchronizes its activity within the body. The body’s tissues are lined with water hydrated matrices that act as semi-conductors to permit transfer of electrons and to communicate specific frequencies.”

The Healy device is portable. “It also offers individuals the possibility of over 144,000 frequencies to support, change, balance and effect many areas of your life, body, well-being, energy, spirit and more,” says Stephens. “Healy sessions can include anything from you, your being, your physical body, your mental state of mind (stress, anxiety, emotional), your bank account(s), your home, your business, your pet, etc.”

Remote and in-person Healy sessions can be scheduled and cost $30 for 15 minutes, $65 for 30 minutes or $140 for 60 minutes. The Healy device is also available to purchase for personal use.

To book a session, see LFEnergetics.com. Contact rebecca@lfenergetics.com to get information on purchasing a device or seeing a demo. See ad page 14.

Just Goods Gifts Moves to The Depot

Grand Haven’s waterfront has a new tenant: Just Goods Gifts. The Grand Opening is October 1. Just Goods is a fair trade and social cause gift shop, which is owned and operated by The Momentum Center. Fair trade gifts are hand crafted by artisans around the world, particularly in developing countries. Artisans receive a fair wage for their work. Businesses that are fair trade certified must meet high standards to provide a sustainable income, follow fair labor practices, use sustainable resources and promote individual and community well-being.

Just Goods was formerly located at The Momentum Center for Social Engagement, 714 Columbus Avenue. The café remains at The Momentum, offers Aldea Coffee and cookies from Grand Finale Desserts & Pastries and will continue to provide a place that welcomes everyone and aims to reduce stigma through social interaction and engagement.

Barbara Lee VanHorssen, Experi-Mentor at The Momentum Center, said they couldn’t be more excited about the move.

“It will give everyone who enjoys downtown shopping a new opportunity to find the perfect fair trade gift or personal treasure,” she said. “The reason we operate a retail store is so that it can create an income stream that will make us less dependent on donations… This location gives us the opportunity to fulfill that mission so that we can continue our work to create a stigma-free community.”

All sales from Just Goods Gifts benefit the Momentum Center, which provides opportunities for individuals to build healthy relationships, engage in positive activities and move out of isolation.

The Momentum Center is a grassroots movement to create a stigma-free community. It does this by hosting community conversations and operating The Momentum Center for Social Engagement that addresses mental illness, addictions and disabilities. More information is available at MomentumCenterGH.org

Mind, Body, Spirit Expo

The Healing Center of LakeviewThe Healing Center of Lakeview is hosting Mind, Body, Spirit Expo from 10a.m. to 4p.m., Saturday, November 7, at their center in Lakeview. There will be psychic/intuitive readers and healers/bodyworkers available for appointments all day. Call ahead to reserve a session or sign up at the door. This is always a popular event, so appointments will fill up quickly.

Location: 332 S Lincoln, Lakeview. For more information, visit THCofLakeview.com or call 989-352-6500. See ad page 18.

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