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New Book by Elizabeth Cosmos

News Brief

New Book by Elizabeth Cosmos

Energy Annie Book

Join Mitzie and Annie on another amazing energy adventure! In this fifth book, Ziggy shows Annie, in a dream, the importance and power of thoughts, and how positive thoughts help us all to create a more beautiful world.
Annie, the bringer of positive energy! Thought takes form at any age, and Energy Annie is wisdom well beyond her years. Maybe leaders of the world should read and they too could benefit from Energy Annie, thereby making Peace and Thought take form. As it was said many years ago, ‘a little child will lead them.’

Rev. Lori & Rev. Luciano Bruno-Sforza, Chapel of The Archangel Michael “In these tumultuous times, young people need support and the teaching of love for each other more than ever. The Adventures of Energy Annie series does a wonderful job teaching, through story, not just how to tolerate but celebrate our differences. I’m particularly inspired by this fifth installment, where Annie enters the dream world and learns about the Power of Thought, and so much more. Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream expert and best-selling author of Luminous Humanness.

Author, Elizabeth Cosmos, PhD has taught and worked with children for many years, and now has taken her knowledge as an instructor/practitioner in holistic health to create a book series for children. She is also the author of Ama-Deus: Healing with the Sacred Energy of the Universe, and lives in a small town in Michigan, not unlike Annie’s.

K. Henriott-Jauw Illustrator, Painter and Muralist divides her time between teaching art to the disabled, creating artisanal tea blends and herding her seven children. She is also the author of Isis Oracle, Speaking Stones, Goddess Coloring Book, and Absinthe, Alewives & Alchemy.

For more information on the Energy Annie series go to: Ama-Deus-international.com.

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