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New Bathroom Tech to Monitor Health

Health Brief

New Bathroom Tech to Monitor Health

New Bathroom Tech to Monitor Health

Imagine a toilet that not only cleans itself but also performs a urinalysis to detect hydration levels, urinary tract infections and kidney issues. A trip to the restroom may be the first step in monitoring and maintaining health and wellness, as a number of new products with medical monitoring features are finding their way into the latest bathrooms.

Toi Labs makes smart toilets equipped with advanced sensors that non-invasively monitor fluid intake levels, stool and urine contents, and other vital health metrics without any burden to the user. Withings, a French company, offers a toilet device that detects a large variety of biomarkers found in urine and offers actionable advice for improving health.

CareOS has unveiled the first AI-powered smart mirror for mental wellness that the company asserts can identify mood and help manage stress. Look into the mirror for skin care recommendations and how to correct yoga poses. A Canadian company, NuraLogix, offers a mirror that detects blood pressure and vital signs and assesses disease risk. A 2020 study found that smart floor sensors could be used to predict fall risk and signs of illness. Smart bath maker BBalance is hoping to launch a mat next year that can measure weight and body composition, and detect posture and balance to predict the risk of neurodegenerative disease.

Photo Credit: Phira Phonruewiangphing from Getty Images Elnur/CanvaPro

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