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Nature’s Repair: Food Grade Nutrition for the Skin

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Nature’s Repair: Food Grade Nutrition for the Skin

by Julie Peterson

Nature’s Repair, a chemical-free company providing nutritional skin care for everyone, launched in 2019. The products were developed after years of research on natural ingredients, the science and chemistry of combining ingredients and what nutrition the skin needs to be healthy and repair itself.

In a world inundated with chemicals and toxins, Nature’s Repair believes that consumers deserve pure, plant-based nutrition for the skin and has gone to great lengths to come up with a completely different type of product.

“All of the ingredients are not just food, but food grade. And all the ingredients are kept raw. From farm to jar they are kept below 123 degrees, which keeps all the enzymes intact. This ensures maximum nutrition that is bio-available for the skin to use,” says Summer Leigh, Nature’s Repair founder.

The nutritional balms and lotions not only contain everything the skin needs, they contain nothing the skin doesn’t need. There are never hidden ingredients, preservatives, stabilizers or fillers—not even water.

The Nature’s Repair products will never contain any kind of controversial toxin or chemical. For example, many “natural” products use sodium benzoate as a preservative, which comes from a natural source but turns into benzene, a carcinogen, when it comes into contact with Vitamin C. Since Vitamin C is a popular skin care additive right now, this can be a bad combination.

Leigh points out, “Just because something is natural, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.”

Nature’s Repair requires a revolutionary manufacturing process because there are no stabilizers, emollients or preservatives. It’s all food grade, but it is still shelf stable.

While manufacturing products uniquely, the company also has a different approach to sales and customers. While most companies are greatly concerned about the bottom line of cost versus profit in a manufacturing and marketing process, Nature’s Repair is concerned about helping people.

To that end, the products are very long lasting, because a little bit goes a long way. While friends have suggested to Leigh that this is a negative for a business, Leigh believes in doing things for the consumer.

“I put people over profit. I would rather take less money and do what’s right by everybody,” says Leigh.

For the summer months, the most popular product is Defense, because it has a natural SPF. It’s appropriate for the whole body, including the face.

For those who forget to use Defense and end up with a little sunburn, a product called Healing is recommended. It contains a high concentration of healing oils. People who have used the Healing product have also found that it reduces or eliminates psoriasis. And others have reported that it works well for those going through radiation to prevent blistering.

“It gives the skin the nutrition it needs to heal itself,” says Leigh.

Gone, the makeup remover, is another popular product. It’s been found to have uses beyond removing makeup. A spoonful melted in a large jar with some water can become a wipes container by soaking fabric cloths. The homemade wipes can then be used as baby wipes, body wipes or general nontoxic cleanup.

“All of the products are designed for what goals you have with the skin and can be used anywhere on the body,” says Leigh. This is different from other product lines that push sales of a different lotion for the face, the body and the feet. “When it comes down to it, the skin everywhere on your body needs the same nutrition.”

After years of exploring the Earth’s most natural creations, learning how to unlock the ancient healing secrets of nature, Nature’s Repair is offering the perfect combination of nutrient rich ingredients, working together to provide the perfect combination of bio-available nutrition your skin can use to naturally heal and repair itself.

Nature’s Repair is a toxin-free company providing nutritional skin care for everyone. To learn more, contact behealthy@naturesrepair.org, call 833-7NATURE, or visit naturesrepair.org. See ad page 32.

Julie Peterson writes about health and environmental issues. Contact her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.

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