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Momma’s Home Body Care

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Momma’s Home Body Care

A Company That Takes Care of People

by Julie Peterson

Chemist Amy Furman loves to spend time in her laboratory formulating recipes for her all-natural line of soaps and body care products. Her business, Momma’s Home, creates what she calls “affordable luxuries” for people of all ages. In fact, the production facility in Zeeland, Michigan, put out more than 25,000 units last year. With new creations being added on a regular basis, Furman’s crew may be wondering how they will keep up.

Momma’s Home, LLC, came about because Furman was frustrated by the inability to find soap that didn’t irritate her skin or that of her children. Putting her chemistry degree to use, she developed her own soaps using skin-soothing ingredients like jojoba oil, goat’s milk, shea butter and essential oils. The original soap recipes have evolved into a complete line that includes facial soaps, manly soaps, foot scrubs, shaving bars and more.

Other products produced by Momma’s Home include skin serums, masks, lotions, lip balms, bath salt soaks, floral waters and essential oils. None of them will ever include preservatives, artificial colorants or harmful chemicals, in fact, the ingredient list is short. “Each ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose,” says Furman. All ingredients used in creation of the products are listed and described in full transparency on the Momma’s Home website so that customers can learn about them.

The company has a laboratory, production floor and a warehouse, but it’s important to note that all products are made by hand in small, carefully controlled batches. All testing is done on people, usually willing family and friends, to ensure effectiveness and gentleness for sensitive skin.

“We make food for your skin,” says Furman, noting that her products provide essential vitamins and fatty acids the skin needs to stay healthy.

Indeed, the line of products was designed to improve skin, but it doesn’t have a utilitarian look. It’s beautiful and luxurious, colorful and fun, with entertaining names like Vienna Café Soap, Balancing Sea Kelp and Aloe Bath Salt Soak, Flower Power Essential Roller and Milk Chocolate Mask, to name a few.

Another benefit to Momma’s Home products is that they are sustainably sourced and socially responsible. People can feel confident that they are purchasing environmentally friendly products that also benefit the community. In fact, it could be said that the products benefit several communities through the philanthropy of Furman’s business model.

“Ten percent of all of our soap gets donated locally to food pantries, women’s shelters and homeless shelters. Then, 10 percent of our profits are used for monetary donations to various local programs. We really try to make a difference in the community,” says Furman.

It’s not just the local community that benefits. Some of the raw materials used in Momma’s Home products are not indigenous to the U.S., so Furman ensures that she is purchasing sustainably sourced ingredients from foreign companies that are doing good in their part of the world.

“One of our materials, marula oil, comes from Botswana. The company we source from is changing lives by providing jobs to desperately poor people there. It’s a socially responsible company in that area,” says Furman, adding, “We buy local on a global scale.”

Momma’s Home products can be purchased online or over the phone. Customers need only to sign up for the company newsletter to receive a 15 percent discount on their first order. The company even offers the option of purchasing soaps unwrapped and unlabeled for a savings of 50 cents per bar. Another great deal is the “10 for 10 Discovery Kit,” which includes 10 generous samples of face and skincare products and a coupon code for $10 off the next purchase of $30 or more. This is a great way to try or share a variety of Momma’s Home products.

Momma is always thinking of new ways to take care of people.

Learn more about Momma’s Home natural products and order at MommasHome.com. Contact or order at 616-951-1397 or email momma@mommashome.com. See ad, page 36.

Julie Peterson has contributed to Natural Awakenings for more than a decade. Contact her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com

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