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Men’s Health

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Men’s Health

I feel the pandemic has changed the way we interact. Some of us have become reclusive and are finding it difficult to go back to being social. When we don’t use it, we forget how to engage in the art of negotiation within our interactions. There seems to be a lot of anger, impatience, and frustration—sometimes forgetting to offer the explanation
necessary for ultimate understanding.  We look at reintroducing healthy habits to help us return to a collective sense of normalcy.     

In our Feature Story: Solving Mental Health Issues in Men, we learn the myriad of ways to offset feelings of insecurity and once again developing healthy interactions.  So much of what we hear in the media undermines what we used to know to be true and we must once again learn to trust our gut. Turning all the noise off and trusting that our instincts are right and true.  

I strive to do strength training at least 3 times per week.  Building and maintaining strength is key to graceful aging. If we can keep our muscles and the connective tissue strong and limber, we will be able to stay active and resilient well into old age. 

Our Fit Body section this month looks at building quality skeletal muscle and understanding how a targeted diet and a good resistance training program can help. In this article we learn about the many different concepts around building and maintaining strength as we age. 

Healthy Kids: Secrets to Summer Success. Today our challenge is teaching children to be mindful. Helping them to simply be children, to run and play through the fields and breathe in the fragrance of spring flowers—enjoying the simple pleasure of just being a kid. 

Growing up I was outside most of the time. Climbing trees, making tree houses with rope swings, playing ball, doing yard work, swimming in the river or the quarry. We didn’t have a lot of stuff—we mostly entertained ourselves using found or natural things to play with. Life was simple, easy, and fun. 

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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