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Making Chembusters for Protection from Chemtrails

News Brief

Making Chembusters for Protection from Chemtrails

Make your own Chembuster Orgonite device Saturday, October 28th and 29th 9am-5pm at the Embassy of Life Mastery.

Did you know you can impact the energy all around you? It is possible with orgonite. Orgonite is a powerful tool for energy healing and protection against electromagnetic frequencies. Developed in the 20th century by Wilhelm Reich, orgone is often described as a form of energy that is omnipresent and vital for our well-being. Orgonite, cloud busters and orgonite devices can be made to balance energy, clear negative energy, and promote well-being. By harnessing Orgone energy you can transmute negative energies brought by chemtrails, 5g and other harmful electromagnetic waves.

Cost for materials and class fees are separate, couples may join while paying for and making one device.  

The Embassy of Life Mastery is located at 5410 S. Vandecar Rd, Mount Pleasant. For more information and to register: Online at Elmastery.org/class-schedule or by calling 989-866-1133.

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