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Joint Health & Stress Management!!

from the publisher

Joint Health & Stress Management!!

Pam Gallina | Publisher

The photo on the October cover resonated with me after been recently interviewed by a cat rescuer for a new kitten. My beloved feline, Marie made her transition while I was renting last year and I wasn’t able to adopt—My landlord didn’t allow pets and barely allowed the elderly Marie, but now in my own home again and nearly unpacked, it was time. Actually, I was prompted my new neighbor, a 10-year-old entrepreneur, who presented me with her resume and inquired as to my needs for a pet sitter. Her experience included all of the basics as well as “sincerely love them.” I was incredibly charmed, but told her there would be a delay while I looked for and adopted a new pet. Well, she said, my grandmother can help you out, she rescues kitten litters and she is at my house right now if you want to meet her… Did I say yet that I have the best neighbors ever?! I am now waiting for my new roomie to be old enough for the move… The remaining question, two kittens or one kitten and a dog?

Our featured topics this month are joint health and stress management—I feel both can be maintained through non-impact exercise, gentle stretching and eating a healthful diet. Bringing a pet into our lives can be a nice complement to this regimen. Whether it’s chasing a kitten around the house, walking a dog a few times each day or getting down on the floor and integrating a few stretches into play with our pets. More than that, it’s been proven that for people who live alone, taking on a pet can have a very real calming effect.

So, as I contemplate the looming question, two cats or cat and dog, I also ponder once again sharing my space—my daily routine and it makes me smile.

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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