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Internal Alchemy: Using the Enneagram to Align Your Life

News Brief

Internal Alchemy: Using the Enneagram to Align Your Life

Please join us for this new one-day class on Sunday, August 20, 9am-5:00pm at the Embassy of Life Mastery. Drawing from both ancient wisdom and modern psychology, the Enneagram is a tool meant to help you relate to yourself and others on a deeper level and designed to bring understanding to your unique values and specific survival strategies. Unlike other “personality type” systems, the Enneagram is not a box into which to paint yourself. Learning the Enneagram provides a framework of self-knowledge and self-awareness, offering not only keys to transform old patterns in ourselves but also, for liberating our life energy to nourish meaningful and impactful ways of adding depth to our practice of helping others.

The Embassy of Life Mastery is located at 5410 S. Vandecar Rd, Mount Pleasant. For more information and to register: Online at Elmastery.org or by calling 989-866-1133.

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