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Immune System Nutrients: Blood Test Special

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Immune System Nutrients: Blood Test Special

The Gleason Center

The Gleason Center is now offering a blood test special for individuals to learn if they have adequate levels of important nutrients that assist the immune system. The blood draw and results are available for just $99 and will provide information on Vitamin D, red blood cell count (RBC), magnesium and serum zinc.

Among the most important nutrients for an optimally functioning immune system, Vitamin D, magnesium and zinc also help prevent the cytokine storm that results from an immune system over-reaction.

More specifically, Vitamin D strengthens immune cells, can help to keep the immune system from overreacting and protects the linings of the intestines and lungs. Magnesium converts vitamin D to its active form, improves vitamin D absorption and boosts immune function. Zinc improves immune function, protects against autoimmune over-reaction and helps protect the integrity of the lining of the skin, gut and lungs.

The Gleason Center located at 19084 North Fruitport Road in Spring Lake. For more information: go to TheGleasonCenter.com or call 616-846-5410. See ad page 15.

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