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Health & Wellness!

from the publisher

Health & Wellness!

The past few years have been interesting. I’ve never had a serious injury and so when I tripped on the sidewalk and tore my meniscus, I thought I could get through it like I always have— naturally. This time was different. Along with the added activity level of my busy life, my knee got progressively worse. The dreaded “Arthritis” had set in. Knee replacement was the answer, and I didn’t take the call. So today I’m looking at adding an exercise bike and rehoming
my treadmill. 

In our feature article we find people are living longer, and as we age, we increasingly become aware of a desire to remain healthy, vibrant, and active for as long as possible. It’s about extending our health span as much as our lifespan. While genetics plays a role in how we experience the aging process, advancements in science are helping us understand that how we manage our mindset, physical activity, stress levels and diet can have just as much of an impact. By redefining what it means to get older and finding deeper meaning, we can embrace aging with grace and gratitude, rather than resist it. Many factors are within our control, and it is possible to live a fulfilling and vibrant life well into our twilight years.

The January Conscious Eating article goes to the National Institutes of Health, where we find that nearly five in 100 Americans suffer from hypothyroidism, which occurs, when the body does not produce adequate amounts of thyroid hormones. Common symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, inability to tolerate cold temperatures and hair loss should not be ignored. Diagnosis is aided by a blood test that measures levels of thyroid-stimulating hormones. While most cases of an underactive thyroid are mild or have few obvious symptoms, the disease can become severe if it is left untreated.  

Our Green Living focus is on seniors’ exposure to green and blue spaces, which inspire a more active lifestyle that is both spiritually and socially engaged, thereby offsetting the challenges of chronic illness, disability, and isolation. Whether playing Scrabble under the shade of a tree, strolling along the banks of a lake with friends or planting flowers and herbs in a raised garden bed, adding that outdoor element to any activity is a win-win.

My bloodwork this month showed my cholesterol off the charts. The only thing that is different other than an anomaly, is my activity level. This year I went from walking every day at least 3.5 miles to outdoor biking, which is easy on my knees, so when the January sales begin, I will be looking at my stationary bike options for the winter. 

As we age, we have the option to give up, give in and stay sedentary or we can keep changing and growing and pray that the decisions we make allow us to keep moving forward! Whichever form this takes in your life, we wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year! 

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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