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from the publisher

from the publisher

from the publisher

Pam Gallina

Changing our Mindset!

As the pandemic slowly subsides, many of us are discovering that our old ways no longer nourish us and we decide to not return to the fast pace of 15 months ago. We found many alternatives to our hectic lifestyle and have learned to live closer to home. Our daily habits have changed to something much simpler and more basic.’

In our feature “Integrative Health For Men,” by Ronica O’Hara, we learn that compared to women, American men die five years earlier on average, in part because they eat worse, smoke more, drink harder, exercise less and suffer more injuries. They are also notoriously difficult to get into a doctor’s office, but they can regain control of their health using the mind-body focus of integrative approaches. Using a range of modalities, from medications to herbal remedies to dietary strategies, integrative doctors holistically and effectively treat men’s major concerns of heart disease, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer and depression.

In Julie Peterson’s article, “Beat the Blues Naturally,” we learn that an estimated 17.3 million U.S. adults had a major depressive episode in 2017, and that number has tripled during the challenges of the pandemic. To avoid the side effects of antidepressants, some people are turning to such natural solutions as herbs like St. John’s wort and American ginseng and homeopathic remedies. Experts also recommend switching to a whole-food diet to reduce the inflammation linked to depression and adopting a steady exercise routine, especially yoga.

In this month’s article, “The Fit Gardener,” by Marlaina Donato, we can see how the bending and squatting, carrying and lifting, digging and reaching high that gardening involves makes for a great full-body workout that engages every muscle while elevating the spirits. Moving quickly while raking gets the heart pumping, as does running in place for 10 seconds after finishing a task. Using yoga positions while kneeling or squatting eases aches and pains, and simply putting hands in the soil is a grounding experience.

During stressful times we find comfort in being around like-minded people, which narrows our scope of relationships. This may or may not change as we re-engage with the world—either way we must be mindful that lowering stress is an important key to maintaining optimal health.

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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