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Simplifying the Holidays!

from the publisher

Simplifying the Holidays!

Sure, it’s nice when local store owners greet us by name, but what’s even more important about spending money locally is that it generates two to four times more jobs, income and tax collections than money spent online or at big-box chains. In our feature “Green Living: Buying Local”, Sandra Yeyati explores how research shows towns with thriving local economies are more resilient and self-reliant and boast higher voting and volunteering rates. It’s not just about haircuts and oil changes: everything from mortgages to cars to health care can be thoughtfully localized to benefit our home towns.

By breathing consciously and tuning into subtle body sensations, we can turn a workout into a deeper and more joyous experience. The article “Mind-Body Fitness”, by Marlaina Donato, reveals how mindfulness-based approaches also reduce injuries, improve immunity, brighten a mood, and make sticking with a fitness routine easier. Breathing deeply through the nose, syncing movement to the breath, moving more slowly and listening to inner cues are all strategies that can be applied not just to yoga and Pilates but to everything from jumping jacks to bicep curls.

Nothing is as special in a holiday as a handmade gift – especially if it’s something delightful to eat. April Thompson shows us how the treat can also be healthy in “Healthy Edible Gifts”, such as a lentil and brown rice soup mix layered in a Mason jar, vegan energy bites made of oats and nut butters, vinegars or olive oil infused with herbs like rosemary and thyme, or a homemade Moroccan spice mix. If COVID-19 is a concern, assembling a countertop herb garden or a handmade book of favorite recipes will also be appreciated.

However you spend your holidays, know that we here at Natural Awakenings, are thinking about you and sending light and love to all. And always, remember to breathe!

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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