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Men’s Health!

from the publisher

Men’s Health!

Our feature this month “The Healing of the Modern Man: Men Redefine Their Emotional Power,” by Marlaina Donato, is not only about the “tough guy” gender roles and cultural expectations that men have taken on for generations, that have amplified their stress levels, compromised their health and raised their rates of addiction and suicide, but a broader psychosocial view of authentic manhood which is slowly emerging. Thanks to changing social mores, guy-friendly mental health resources and virtual and in-person support, more men are taking responsibility for their well-being and stepping up to the plate as strong, sensitive leaders.

In our Green Living section titled, “Unplugged Adventures: Eco-Tripping for a Digital Detox,” by Sheila Julson, we receive a reality wake-up call when a quick smartphone check for directions to a park turns into a lengthy scroll through social media and we clearly see it’s time to seek out outdoor adventures that leave the digital world behind. This might mean camping in remote campgrounds in parks, forests and lakeshores with little to no cell connectivity, and it might also lead us to river rafting, trekking for days on long trails such as the John Muir Trail on the West Coast, or joining others in group volunteer efforts in remote backcountry locations.

This month’s Eco Tip: “Eco-Volunteering: Hands-on Ways to Help Our Planet this Summer” hi-lights win/win opportunities that await us when we help out nature while also enjoying the outdoors. Ways to do this include organizing local cleanup crews, getting involved in a community garden or volunteering for days or longer periods to work at national, state and local parks.

Regardless of the path you choose, this month offers many options. My personal favorite has always been the one less travelled.

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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