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Women’s Wellness!

from the publisher

Women’s Wellness!

At dinner Sunday, we discussed the importance of nurturing ourselves. We were specifically talking about cooking and how easy it can be to cook a meal from scratch if we have all the ingredients set aside for the task. To me there is something very soothing and satisfying about making a nutritious and tasty meal, even if it’s just for me. I use a food delivery service of which there are many and they run the gamut of prices and offerings. It’s like having your own sous chef and you can actually save money. I don’t discard as much due to spoilage; the food is fresh and organic and I can’t impulse buy. You still have to wash, cut and chop, but most menus only require about 30 minutes total to cook and prep.

In our Fit Body column titled “Staying Hydrated, It’s not Just About Drinking Water,” by Sandra Yeyati, we find that compared to people half a century ago, we are more likely to experience day-in-day-out, low-grade dehydration due to such factors as air conditioning, electronics and processed foods. Keeping ourselves hydrated gets easier when we start each day and each meal with a big glass of water, drink green smoothies and work into our diets naturally hydrating foods such as melons, celery, cucumbers, berries and tomatoes. Drinking the right filtered water is also key.

This month’s Green Living column titled “Easy Container Gardening, How to Grow Edibles in Pots and Planters,” by Marlaina Donato, shows us how everyone from beginners to green thumbs can enjoy growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots, which is a healthy and cost-effective approach that also beautifies a balcony or patio. Planting in containers lowers the risk of plant disease, makes critters less likely to stop by for a munch and requires considerably less weeding and work. Pots can be terra cotta favorites or repurposed kitchen ware; seeds can be bought or easily collected and high-quality soil can be a DIY mix. This article also helps us with pot and plant selection.

I’m anxious for the weather to warm so that I might get back to my tiny deck gardens and begin to grow herbs and veggies, once again feeling the soil ground me to mother earth through my hands and feet and feel the warmth of the sun envelop me. Happy Spring!

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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