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Treat Your Body to Good Food and Nutrition!

from the publisher

Treat Your Body to Good Food and Nutrition!

Today we are bombarded with messages encouraging us to consume stuff that’s not really food at all and it’s hard to see what that consumption is doing to the inner working of our body unless we get tested by a practitioner. And, perhaps we find that the stress our bodies have endured during the past two years, has been particularly hard on our internal organs. As well, poor nutrition, food allergies, dehydration and depletion of certain nutrients can manifest as brain fog, feeling sluggish, anxious and trouble sleeping.

In our feature “Plant-Based Food Goes Mainstream,” by Carrie Jackson we discover as plant-based eating gains adherents drawn by its health and planetary benefits, veggie burgers are showing up at the ballpark, vegan dairy at the cafe and tuna substitutes in grocery stores. Rising to meet market demand, companies are innovating methods to promote plant-based products: developing new plant-based seafood and dairy options, growing mushroom-based “meat” in labs, twinning home-delivered vegan meals with vegan and lifestyle coaching, and helping eateries and breweries develop familiar foods with vegan variations.

In this month’s Healing Ways titled “Burnout Recovery: Ways to Reset and Find Balance,” by Ronica O’Hara the discussion is around these pandemic times and how burnout is turning into a societal norm, with employees, parents and healthcare workers reporting record levels of fatigue, cynicism and apathy. The first step to recovery is to admit what’s going on and then to ask hard questions about what to do next. It’s also helpful to figure out what our points of joy are so we can restructure our life around them; to find points of control, like diet and exercise, so we can regain a sense of being capable; to take micro-breaks to ease built-up tension; and to enhance gratitude, a proven energy enhancer.

Check out our Green Living section titled “The Bounty of Farmers’ Markets,” by Sandra Yeyati. More than 8,000 farmers’ markets across the country offer a festive setting in which to purchase some of the freshest food available anywhere. The markets put more money into local farmers’ pockets, boost the local economy, improve regional resilience, offer a much smaller carbon footprint than much grocery-store produce and help educate consumers on what’s involved in producing food. They also encourage organic purchases, seasonal eating and community spirit, boosting personal and family health.

When we first begin the path to healthy eating, the volume of information may seem overwhelming, so start with small steps and keep it simple. I keep a food journal in my kitchen and record everything I consume. This way I don’t have to remember how much of something I consumed and it also helps me to see which foods are affecting me in different ways.

To conscious living,
Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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