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Food & Nutrition!

from the publisher

Food & Nutrition!

I was recently diagnosed with advanced carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. After my team weighed in, I decided not to have the surgery. My course of treatment consists of a combination of acupuncture, herbs, energy work, leaky gut strategies and wrist braces.  Taking this direction is not for people who won’t commit time and resources, but for me it was counter intuitive to take any other road.    

Our Healing Ways article in March looks at a Functional Medicine approach to Colon Health. This article reviews colon health strategies and tips from a functional medicine perspective. Includes optimizing digestive health, reducing inflammation, food, and nutrients, restoring balanced gut bacteria, repairing gut lining, balancing lifestyle, and reducing stress. Experts interviewed: Vincent Pedre, MD, and Steven Wright (The Healthy Gut Company).

In our main feature “Food Trends for 2024,” the focus is on some of the new trends in fitness and nutrition, including personalized nutrition, plant-forward diets, longevity protocols, nutritional psychiatry, shifts in food and beverage choices, non-alcoholic beverages, less processed meat alternatives, fiber-rich foods, sustainable packaging, sustainably grown foods, meal kit services continuing, sleep-targeted snack items and eating for prevention of various conditions. Experts interviewed: Dr. Melinda Ring (Osher Center for Integrative Health at Northwestern University), Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN (New York Times bestselling author), and Jolene Ng (Principal Analyst for Mintel). 

Our Green Living section, “Pollinator Corridors,” reviews the importance of hyper-local wildlife corridors that support pollinating insects, birds and more. The focus is on the backyard, neighborhood and community efforts and ways people can make a difference in their own homes.  Experts interviewed: Kim Eierman (author of The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on Pollinator Decline with Ecological Gardening), Jen McDonald (the founder of Garden Girls), and Kiersten Rankel (botanist for Greg).

In the March Conscious Eating article, “Planting For The Planet,” where the focus is on home growing, not only provides fresh herbs for cooking needs, but also offers access to easy and affordable natural remedies that can soothe common ailments. Tips for starting several common herbs in a home garden or windowsill garden. Experts interviewed: Nadine Clopton (herbalist at Rodale Institute) and Linda Conroy (Moonwise Herbs). 

Those who read my letter know I have been living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for the last year, which could result in a bland diet if I didn’t jazz it up with herbs and spices. Maintaining a small backyard or window garden is a fun and easy way to have on hand just the right combination of favorites!

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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