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Find Your Unique Pathway to Health at The Remedy House

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Find Your Unique Pathway to Health at The Remedy House

By Julie Peterson

Walk into the retail store at The Remedy House and the senses are taken away in a wash of light, colors, scents and tactile joys. On one side, a beautiful wall of windows overlooks Lake Versluis. The rest of the room has a soothing purple backdrop. The eye may wander to the variety of colors and textures on the shelves or be captivated by the glimmer of a particular crystal or salt lamp. Wandering through the aisles of books, natural body products, tincture bottles, herbal and CBD supplements and teas, the scent essential oils, smudge sticks and incense is enchanting.

It’s a lovely family-run spot to shop and even provides a guided shopping experience through natural health consultation (available by appointment) that helps people determine what they personally need through muscle testing or kinesiology. And yet, The Remedy House has a great deal more to discover. It’s a comprehensive holistic health hub with offerings that are increasing in scope and popularity in Grand Rapids.

Down the hall from the retail store is a classroom that is frequently utilized for groups that might include Natural Health 101, Reiki certification, meditation circles and myriad topics from guest teachers and natural health professionals.

“Classes include energy shares, women’s circles and others to develop community within likeminded individuals around natural health,” says Megan Lendman, Manager of The Remedy House. “Classes allow people to explore new modalities and topics.”

As a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix, Lendman likes to hold space for people to be their authentic selves and heal from the inside out. She says that the Natural Health 101 topics change each month, which offers people a regular learning experience in addition to the opportunity to experience community.

Beyond the classroom, several private rooms are utilized by a talented group of natural health practitioners to enhance wellbeing.

“Services from a wonderful team of women-powered practitioners include consultation, energy work, detox, body work and womb care. Appointments can be scheduled online or by phone,” says Lendman.

Jodi Jenks ND, founder of The Remedy House, will be available on-site October 15-30, by appointment, to help clients develop a specialized holistic health plan. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Jenks offers one, two or three options of consultation, allowing clients to choose ZYTO BioScan, Live Blood Analysis and/or Iridology/Sclerology.

Zyto BioScan uses the nerve endings in the hands to create a report to pinpoint stress points and the key balancing products and services to aid in the healing process. Live Blood Analysis, also known as nutritional microscopy, is the analysis of living red blood cells under an extremely powerful microscope connected to a camera. Iridology is an assessment that evaluates the markers within the fibers of the iris and the sclera to identify chronic and genetic weaknesses of the body.

Personal consultations, natural products for every need, special events, regular classes and specialized wellness therapies and modalities truly make The Remedy House an inspiring and revitalizing one-stop shop.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that each person has their own individual pathway to health, and we help them find that direction,” says Lendman.
The Remedy House is located at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Grand Rapids. For more information go to: TheRemedyHouse.org. 616-443-4225. See ad page 6.

Julie Peterson writes about health and environmental issues. Contact her at JuliePeterson2222@gmail.com.

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