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Eyes Wide Open 3.0

News Brief

Eyes Wide Open 3.0

The wildly popular Eyes Wide Open 3.0 conference is returning to Mt Pleasant March 23 & 24. This conference aims to introduce you to the people who have witnessed the powers that control our world.

Presenters include Cathy O’Brien, who as a child was sold into the CIA’s Project Monarch, where she was subjected to MK Ultra mind control and forced to serve the political elite. Also presenting is Jessie Czebotar, who was born into a family of high ranking satanists. During her training, she found Jesus. Jessie is well versed in the global satanic hierarchy and how these powers affect us.

Additional speakers include medical whistleblowers and innovators, such as Dr Judy Mikovits, known from the hit documentary “Plandemic”; Dr Bryan Ardis from the documentary “Watch the Water”; and Dr Edward Group from his popular show on GAIA. We are also proud to welcome back Todd Callender, a leading lawyer defending military service personnel against mandatory injections; Michael McKibben, the real inventor of Social Media Networking; and Dr Richard Olree, a mineral genius developing ways of repairing DNA.

People are still applauding the depth of subject matter at last year’s conference, and the friends they made. You won’t want to miss Eyes Wide Open 3.0.

For more information about the Eyes Wide Open 3.0 conference, view the trailer and purchase tickets go to: ElMastery.org/EWO or call 989-866-1133. See ad page 2.

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