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Exercise Detox: Six Ways to Burn Calories and Clean Out Your System


Exercise Detox: Six Ways to Burn Calories and Clean Out Your System

There are as many different types of exercise as there are ways to move. Although all types of exercise will help to detoxify your body, some are clearly more beneficial than others. Try one of these today and feel better immediately.

Walk This Way

Generally speaking, aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are the most detoxifying. Of the wide array of choices, walking is hands-down the most popular. It is something almost everyone can do to get a daily dose of healthy detoxification.

Jump for Joy

Bouncing on a trampoline, such as a mini-tramp or rebounder, is one of the least appreciated exercises for cleansing and strengthening every cell of the body. Experts point out that it is also one of the best workouts for activating the lymphatic system.

Let Your Body Flow

For centuries, yoga has been prescribed as moving medicine for the immune system. Yoga has been reported to lower stress hormones that compromise immunity, while stimulating the lymphatic system to purge toxins and bring fresh, nutrient-oxygenated blood to each organ to help ensure optimum functioning.

Pick Up the Pace

There’s a longstanding myth among participants that exercising at a lower intensity for a longer duration maximizes the burning of fat and releases toxins. Not true. To really rev up metabolism, burn more calories and keep the fat-burning switch turned on longer after an exercise session, try picking up the pace for one or more shorter periods.

Make Some Muscle

Strength training is known to boost natural muscle-making chemicals such as human growth hormone and preserve the muscle we have, while also replacing the muscle tissue we’ve lost. Lifting weights also helps us shed fat by simply burning calories. As a bonus, a calorie-burning metabolism can stay elevated for up to 48 hours after we’ve finished lifting.

Take It Outside

When possible, infuse an exercise routine with fresh air by doing it outdoors. When exercising outside, it’s important that we not add to our toxic burden by walking or jogging along busy roads or highways, because breathing in chemical-laced exhaust nullifies the benefits.

Annie B. Bond is an internationally renowned expert on personal detoxification and past executive editor of Care2.com/greenliving, which sourced all health claims in The Purification Plan, by the editors of Rodale Health Books.

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