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Energy Enhancement Retreat

News Brief

Energy Enhancement Retreat

With Corey Winters, N.D. on Saturday and Sunday July 22nd and 23rd, Class Limit 12, Price $700. Be renewed on all levels! Vibracoustic Tuning, breathwork, Taiji Qigong, Pineal activation, healing meals, and includes 14 hours in the Energy Enhancement System!

Join this amazing, healing/rejuvenating opportunity! On this retreat, you will receive 14 hours in the energy enhancement system. A $700 value.

This is a chance to be renewed on all levels – Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. This experience will raise one’s vibration, activate the potential of one’s pineal gland, and facilitate movement into a deeper relationship with the miraculous energies around us. A full night of rest in the Energy Enhancement System will be preceded by an entire day of healing foods and advanced modalities to “prime” the individual for sleep in the scalar vortex.

Corey Winters, ND. Anne Corey is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, an instructor of Sound and Color Therapy classes, intuitive healer, researcher of ancient civilizations and collective consciousness, former opera singer, and a yoga/fitness instructor. Dr. Corey devotes all of her free time to the study of Ascension and Spiritual Advancement. This encompasses a wide array of topics such as: scared geometry, cosmology, and planetary energy grids. Dr. Corey’s passion of the esoteric and mystical started in 2006, after she returned home from Africa critically ill. When all conventional medical forms of healing seemed to be failing her, she tuned into her higher self and was given divine guidance. It was through her own voice, freeform movements, intention, and light activation that she began to mentally and physically transform. This healing ran much deeper than her illness, and as a result, she was able to have a baby at age 42.  Her passion is teaching and sharing how every truth is hidden within other truths.

The Embassy of Life Mastery is located at 5410 S. Vandecar Rd, Mount Pleasant. For more information and to register: Online at Elmastery.org or by calling 989-866-1133. 

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