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Pam Gallina | Publisher

Over time a desire to rid my life of unnecessary objects grows. My first major purge was in 2012, another when my home sold in 2018 and now my current home a downsize, I am identifying even more that can go.  As we approach the holiday season, it’s a good time to remind our loved ones that gifts are not necessary, that good company and breaking bread together are infinitely more important!

Our November feature, “The Joys of Minimalism: A Rich Life With Less Stuff,” By Carrie Jackson. Finding that material possessions weigh them down, people are turning to minimalism to simplify their physical, mental, and emotional space. According to a study in ScienceDirect, a decluttered lifestyle improves sustainability and boosts emotional well-being. By paring down our possessions, we can become more authentic, simplify our finances, and pave an easier pathway for the next generation. The article reviews ways to choose the essentials, decluttering strategies, and eco benefits of minimalism.

The Wise Words section titled “Sam Stedman on Helping Kids Make Conscientious Choices,” by Sandra Yeyati. Sam Stedman is the co-founder and publisher of Eco Parent, a quarterly print magazine distributed in North America that is designed to help parents make better choices for their families. 

The Eco Tip this month titled “Keeping Sneakers Out of the Landfill.” Athletic footwear languishing in landfills releases volatile organic compounds linked to asthma, cancer, and other health complications. Instead of discarding old shoes that will take 30 to 40 years to decompose, consider the alternatives detailed in this article. 

For years I was a distance runner and needed to change my shoes every three months based on my logged mileage. I gave my old shoes to organizations that would see they were given to people in need. Even though they were too broken down for a distance runner, they were still in good condition and great for everyday activities! 

To conscious living,

Pamela Gallina, Publisher

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