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Earthly Refilleryfor Planet-FriendlyOne-Stop Shopping

Community Spotlight

Earthly Refilleryfor Planet-FriendlyOne-Stop Shopping

by Marlaina Donato

Anna Crooks was just a teenager when she set out on a natural path, eventually making the decision to nix plastic whenever possible. This dedication to her health as well as the planet has become a passion she now shares with others. As the owner of Earthly Refillery in Grand Rapids, Crooks’ mission is to offer an exciting inventory of 250 natural bulk items under one roof without a hefty environmental price tag. 

“The concept of the store is to reduce single waste plastic by buying in bulk. You can bring your own containers, purchase a glassware container from us or use any of our free donated containers,” says Crooks, highlighting a shopper’s option to only purchase a small amount of a product before committing to filling an entire container. From luscious shampoo bars to organic gluten-free pastas, eco-friendly natural crayons for the kids to personal care for the entire family, shopping at Earthly Refillery takes out the guesswork of going natural. “I will only bring in brands that we can trust,” attests Crooks, highlighting items like shea and cocoa butter, toothpaste tablets, face wash, moisturizer, dry shampoo, kombucha, dog treats, Epsom salt, sunscreens and deodorant. Crooks’ favors shampoo bars not only for their fragrant magic that makes hair healthier but the fact that “once they are gone, they are gone. No plastic bottle ends up in the landfill!”

In a world full of health-compromising toxins, making small changes can go far and have a lasting positive effect. “The amount of unnecessary chemicals in our personal care items and food is out of control. Even just switching out all your daily house cleaners can help your health,” explains Crooks. “One of the brands we carry is run by parents who wanted to create household cleaners that would be safe to have around their two young children. They don’t have to worry about the kids breathing in the cleaners or getting them on their skin.” Options at Earth Refillery include multipurpose cleaners for kitchen and bathroom as well as those designed specifically for tile, wood and glass. Cleaning brushes, tools, re-usable non-paper towels and dishwasher tablets are also available.

As a savvy pet owner, Crooks is always on the lookout for new and healthy essentials for her two poodles, Ellie and Neville. Earthly Refillery carries bulk pet treats and washes as well as eco-friendly alternatives like biodegradable dog waste bags, silicone bag holders, dog balm, sunscreen, bamboo brushes, powder toothpaste, wool toys and more. In the future, Crooks hopes to add bulk kitty litter and dry and wet pet food to her inventory. 

Living a life more aligned with nature and minimizing the planetary load also includes the option to choose sustainable kitchen utensils, hairbrushes, toothbrushes and floss, all of which can be found at the shop. For gluten-free customers, Earthly Refillery offers delicious bulk pancake mixes, flours and oats. Whether customers re-stock their favorite laundry detergent, snacks, organic apple cider vinegar, legumes or spices, the “filljoy” system is easy. “The filljoy system is used for customers to keep track of the weight of their container so they are only paying for the weight of the product they are buying,” says Crooks.

For Crooks, living close to the earth is a way of life, one that she hopes inspires others. “My hope is to get more people to switch to a more low-waste lifestyle. This planet is our home. Imagine if the whole world switched to shampoo bars or a refillable liquid shampoo? The amount of plastic we would cut down on would be life changing.”

Earthly Refillery is located at 410 Ethel Avenue, has evening hours and is open for business every day except Monday. Learn more by visiting EarthlyRefillery.com or email inquiries to earthlyrefillery@gmail.com.

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