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Earthly Refillary in Eastown

News Brief

Earthly Refillary in Eastown

When you stop at Earthly Refillery in Eastown, you will quickly see that this concept turns everyday packaging on its head. Refillery “lore” has it that the “refillery” concept began in California more than a decade ago and is now at the cutting edge of achieving zero waste for everyday consumables.  The concept is quickly making its way into large and small Michigan communities.

Earthly Refillery is pleasantly designed for easy access to everything refillable from organic shampoo and cleaning products to bulk food items and customers also enjoy cost savings compared to traditional packaging.

The owner, Anna Crooks, started her refillery in a smaller space, but has recently moved to a larger location on Ethel. She explains that the refillery concept is not only important for our budgets, but also the environment. Anna is very passionate about offering the service to the people of West Michigan. 

When we purchase products from traditional retail stores, we also purchase the bottle, box or tube in which it is packaged. After using the contents of the bottle, it gets discarded, hopefully recycled, but that is not a given. Instead of discarding all of these used bottles, boxes, tubes, pumps, bags etc., patrons return to Earthly Refillery with the empty bottle and refill it from their oversized master containers, which are equipped with easy-to-use dispensing pumps. It’s a win–win for the people, West Michigan and our environment! 

Earthly Refillery is located at 410 Ethel S.E. and is a stand-alone shop just around the south corner of Wealthy and Ethel. See ad page 9.

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