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Develop your own Reiki Healing practice

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Develop your own Reiki Healing practice

Anyone can become attuned to Reiki. You don’t need prior experience with energetic healing, and you don’t have to be intuitive in order to learn Reiki. Learning Reiki only takes an open heart and mind with the thought or desire of helping people.

When healing with Reiki, the Reiki flows from divine source through you to the receiver. Reiki fills the giver first before flowing through the hands to the receiver, which means it is the Reiki that is connected to the receiver, not your own energy. Reiki can only be given by someone that has gone through the sacred attunements. Reiki is a traditional healing practice passed down through generations, the certification class is really in place for learning what Reiki is and most specifically for the Attunements.

There are basically 4 levels of Reiki attunements and different schools of thought as to how those are taught. The four levels of Reiki are: Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki, and Reiki Masters. Some instructors teach I & II separately while most teach the first two levels together. Then the Advanced level was originally part of the Masters class, but was separated out for those that are ready for the next level, but do not have the desire to pass on the attunements and become a teacher.

Reiki has always been at the core of our healing offerings at The Remedy House and led by founder, Jodi Jenks ND, a Reiki Master for 25 years. We now have a team including 8 Reiki Practitioners with offerings spanning private sessions, Energy Share, Master’s Circles, and Reiki Certification. If you are at all curious about this healing modality, know that Reiki can do no harm and we welcome you to any of our classes, sessions, or certifications. In February we have the full range of certifications available. See calendar for more details.

The Remedy House is located at 5150 Northland Dr NE, Suite N, Grand Rapids. For more information go to TheRemedyHouse.org or call 616-443-4225.

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