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Detecting Cancer Early

Health Brief

Detecting Cancer Early

Detecting Cancer Early

Cambridge University’s Early Cancer Institute recently received an $11.7 million anonymous donation to further its research. The Institute is focused on detecting cancers before they produce symptoms and spread, which then requires expensive medical treatments that are not always effective. One team there is using 200,000 blood samples taken 10 to 20 years ago from ovarian cancer screening participants to identify genetic markers in those that later developed the disease. 

Another team developed a cytosponge to collect cells and identify a protein associated with precancerous esophageal cancer. The Institute also has a team that is trying to pinpoint the biomarkers associated with prostate cancer. Their goal is to assist in the development of new and more effective ways to treat cancer.

Photo Credit: Thicha Satapitanon from Getty Images/CanvaPro

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