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The Natural Healing Center

The Natural Healing Center: Integrative Care for Weight Loss and More

Chiropractic care and proper nutrition can work together to heal the body and allow for weight loss, which is why John R. Owings, DC, opened the Natural Healing Center of Grand Rapids in the same building as his other business, the Advanced Family Chiropractic Center.

The Natural Healing Center has a mission to use integrative care strategies to identify the root cause of a patient’s health issues. Then, through a variety of methods, patients are offered a healthy plan to get on the road to overall wellness and a healthier weight.

Whether it’s weight loss, headaches, skin conditions or something else that brings a patient in, the experts at the Natural Healing Center aim to zero in on what is causing the problem.

First Appointment

The initial consultation at the center is up to 90 minutes and includes a complete health history and biometric workup. In order to identify what a patient needs, Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is conducted, which is a non-invasive test to find out what the body is lacking in micronutrients. Other tests used include Heart Rate Variability Testing, which assesses the autonomic nervous system, and bioelectrical impedance analysis, which measures body composition. All of the test results are combined to come up with an create an individualized report and devise a treatment plan for each patient.

“NRT is a tool we use to see how the body is working, or not working,” says Dr. Owings. “We can then use that information to get, and keep, the body healthy.”

The NRT experts at the center include Dr. Owings and Jo Anne Moe, who both have certification in NRT and participate in continuing education. Not only do they do the initial consults, but the follow-up visits, as well.

Ongoing Care

Patients who decide to act on a personalized plan don’t have to count calories or carbs, they simply keep a food journal. In addition, they are given approved food lists, lifestyle plans and suggested supplements, all based on the initial NRT and other diagnostics.

“Everyone can benefit from nutritional supplements,” points out Dr. Owings. “In the U.S., our food is lacking many key nutrients that the body needs to function.” However, he notes that in the first few months of a treatment plan, patients often require fewer and fewer supplements as the body begins to heal itself.

To stay on track, patients have a weekly one-on-one consult with their weight loss/detoxification expert. During that consult, emotional support, review of food journals, weigh ins, and talk about wins and struggles are covered. While the food journal may feel daunting at first, it’s an important step in being aware, which is part of making progress.

“Many Americans eat in a way that does not support a healthy, well-functioning body. It is so easy for people to pick up fast food or already made and highly processed food. Going over food journals with patients not only aids in making dietary recommendations, it also keeps the patient conscious of what they are consuming on a daily basis,” says Dr. Owings.

Additional Services
and Treatments

In addition to weight loss services and chiropractic treatments, The Natural Healing Center of Grand Rapids is known for several other services that provide health benefits.

The infrared sauna can help with weight loss, as a 30-minute session burns somewhere between 200 and 600 calories. But it is also used for detoxifying the body, pain relief, improving circulation and clearing up skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and lesions or cuts.

Brain tap is a non-invasive treatment that supports people who have stress, brain fog, low energy and difficulty concentrating, among other things. It is the combination of five technologies that creates a blending of light frequencies, guided visualization, music, tones and acupuncture points on the ears. Patients say that it helps them let go of negative thoughts and mindsets and relax. The experts say that it’s a high-tech way to retrain the brain.

Another detoxing service is the ion footbath, which uses ionized water to release toxins such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum and lead from the body and helps the patient feel more relaxed.

By combining the latest techniques, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing the newest and best natural vitamins and mineral supplements, the Natural Healing Center offers patients a healthy way to accelerate their journey to wellness.

Natural Healing Center of Grand Rapids, 4288 3 Mile Rd NW Ste 3, Grand Rapids. 616-888-2416. NaturalHealingGR@gmail.com. NaturalHealingGR.com. See ad page 21.

Julie Peterson has contributed to Natural Awakenings for more than a decade. Contact her at JPtrsn22@att.net.

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