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Coco River Organics

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Coco River Organics

Coco River Organics has a healthy solution for frequent hand washing: organic, antibacterial 100% plant-ingredient foam soap for individuals of any age.

“It’s great for all skin types and is especially helpful for those with skin conditions and chemical sensitivities. It is chemical free and not harmful to our water, soil and air,” says Nancy Duggan, owner of Coco River Organics.

The soap helps to hydrate, condition, soothe and revitalize skin. The organic antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties help to protect and balance the skin microbiome. It’s available in fragrance free and also in options gently scented with 100% organic essential oils.

“It is more important than ever now to consider what we are doing when we perform the simple acts of hand washing and bathing. When we use the gentle and natural organic ingredients found in our product, like organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe vera and organic olive oil we are laying a good foundation for healthful skin and a healthful skin microbiome,” says Duggan.

Contact CocoRiverOrganics@gmail.com or see CocoRiverOrganics.com. Nancy Duggan 616-340-9547. See ad page 6.

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