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Championing Opioid-Free Pain Management

Health Brief

Championing Opioid-Free Pain Management

According to the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, more than 130 Americans die each day from opioid-related drug overdoses. Recognizing that alternative pain management protocols are needed to curtail this ongoing national problem, the state of Minnesota has created a website to identify and promote evidence-based, non-opioid and non-pharmacological options that use complementary and integrative methods.

As reported in the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine, NoPainMN.org was established to provide user-friendly information, including a description of each modality, video demonstrations of the treatments and links to published research and additional online resources. Minnesota’s website covers a wide range of treatment options, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, psychology, rehabilitative therapies, movement classes like tai chi and qigong, and mind-body therapies such as biofeedback and music therapy. The website also includes a searchable list of more than 17,000 practitioners in the state.

Photo credit: AndreyPopov from Getty Images Pro/CanvaPro

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