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Boosting Cellular Potential and Wellbeing 

Community Spotlight feature health

Boosting Cellular Potential and Wellbeing 


By Marlaina Donato

From the absorption of nutrients to shielding us from disease, the body’s minute-to-minute, energy-producing cellular processes not only ensure our very existence but determine our quality of life. For Jacque Jennings-Carter, this everyday magic within our physiology is daily inspiration to live by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s proverb: The first wealth is health.

After retiring from a corporate position in the late 1990s, Jennings-Carter was searching for a new path that would enable her to spend more quality time with her daughter while giving her an opportunity to help others. “Fortunately for me, the alternative health profession ‘found’ me,” she says, attributing her vibrant health to living in tandem with nature. At 73, Jennings-Carter is free of prescription medications, and in addition to her positive lifestyle choices, achieves optimal cellular health by consuming several Redox cell signaling products daily. Her vibrant wellbeing inspires her to assist others in achieving the same level of health.

A promising branch of science called Redox biochemistry spotlights cellular communication or Redox cell signaling molecules responsible for activating the body’s store of antioxidants. “The body does this naturally, but this process slows as we age, some faster than others, which is why supplementing with cell signaling molecules can be so important. Redox cell signaling molecules are not just for those who have health issues. Anyone, from the fittest of the fit to the sickest of the sick and everyone in between would benefit from supplementing with these molecules,” highlights Jennings-Carter, emphasizing that healthy cells mean a healthier life. The cell signaling molecules contained in the products that she educates others about have been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways. “These pathways improve immune response, modulate hormone balance, help to maintain a healthy inflammatory response, support cardiovascular health including arterial elasticity and improve enzyme production and gut health,” she explains.

For Jennings-Carter, her own health has improved most noticeably in the areas of digestion and joint integrity with the added perk of healthier skin and hair. In addition to the foundational liquid Redox cell signaling supplement designed to fight aging from the inside out, there are also other Redox-based products focusing on nutrition, skin (both face and body), powdered cell performance packets and the recently introduced Redox-based clay face mask for both men and women. She adds that individuals under the age of 12 do not need to replenish their cell signaling molecules but underscores that taking care of health on the cellular level during the early years has lifelong benefits. “If I had infants, young children or grandchildren, each would be getting their daily serving of cell signaling molecules. Being proactive can never start early enough,” she says.

Most importantly, Jennings-Carter believes in the body’s capability to rejuvenate at any age. “Each of us deserves good health. After all, when an illness occurs, it doesn’t just affect the one with the diagnosis. It affects the entire family. The most important thing is to start the process while we are healthy, not after we start declining in health,” she affirms. “It is never too late to start taking care of our body, but we will most likely have much better results the sooner we commit to taking care of ourselves. The simple fact is that we are all going to age. How that occurs for everyone is usually based on the importance a person places on maintaining a healthy body, which is typically determined by the choices that are made every day. Symptoms often take years to develop. Sadly, many do not begin to value their health until they begin to lose it.”

Jennings-Carter’s energetic love for life and people is evident, and she is grateful for her own good health, the foundation that supports all of it. In closing she states, “If we take good care of our body now, it will almost alwaystake care of us later.”

For more information, please visit advancinglives.myasealive.com or call 269-779-2900.

Photo credit: Agsandrew/DepositPhotos.com

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